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The Gall Boys® Adventures

In 1997, Barry Gall first had the idea to grab a camera and set off to film what a remote trip could offer the caravan traveller, together with this, showcasing what conditions both the 4WD and caravan could withstand, so it wasn't long after, that a van was hitched for a trip from Brisbane to the The Gibb River Road, and this is where it all began....

Over 20 years later, some 400,000 DVDs have been distributed, with a further 20 Million You Tube views accrued, with people tuning in from all around the world to see the family based adventures, showcasing some of the most remote and beautiful spots that this wonderful country has to offer, along with it's local characters.










These documented adventures have been unrivalled over the decades for the invaluable amount of insight with the extended field testing by the family and subsequent product developments on return, and it's here that KEDRON stands alone.

From the 1990's have been able to refine production methods when necessary following the extreme style travel, and is always great to hear the confidence when people say, 'if it can handle what you fellas put them through, it should easily do what we need!'





If you'd like to check out the adventures, here's a link to the Gall Boys website.

The Gall Boys - Images Glen Gall - The Gall Boys  -9494.jpg
Hilux towing up incline on Maytown Track
Eddie Deemal guiding Peter Gall - The Ga
The Gall Boys - image Glen Gall - --13.jpg
The Gall Boys - image Glen Gall - --14.jpg
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