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Square LED Annex Lights


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Replaces the old style Hybralec Industries recessed external fluorescent caravan light sold across many Australia made caravans that are no longer available.


(214mm x 193mm x 44.8mm)(12v / 12w) (10 - 30v) (400LM Lumens) (IP Rated 67)

As a rule of thumb, don't generally sell parts at the factory, though with many years of builds with the Hybralec Industries recessed external flouro lights, & availability of their replacements exhausted, invested in both developments and mould cost to create a solution for owners of not only KEDRON, though other makes with no option to replace their Hybralec light/s also.

Have developed these over 18 months & feature a low power draw and cool running LED, (with the added safety of an alloy heat diffuser at the rear), and following multiple brightness tests, a very pleasant spread of light to suit.

During developments, altered the screw recesses so the head of the screw now seats on the alloy and not the lens as with the original style, giving these much more longevity and strength. Also requested a gauge up in the screw provision, knowing most of these will be retro fitted, so that way when removing older lights and replacing with these will allow to use the next gauge stainless screw to have additional bite for securing easier.

The lights are a sealed unit, with wiring sealed in a rubber protection and entering through a grommet.

These are a great quality light, and with the life span of LED and the UV stabiliser in the outside lens cover, make for a peace of mind long term solution, well away from the fluorescent and resister failures, and fit as easy as the12v wire connections, a bead of sealant and 4 screws.

These can fit across all brands of vans, are boxed separately, bubble wrapped & posted Australia Wide with a picture of packed parcel and tracking numbers provided to follow your order.

KEDRON® Caravan LED Square Annex Light - Replaces Hybralec Industries - pallets - 2.jpeg
KEDRON® Caravan LED Square Annex Light - Replaces Hybralec Industries - parcel packed - 2.
Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 11.35.11 am.png

Thanks for sending out the square LED light, it is fantastic.
Easy to install and it fits perfectly.
I had almost given up trying to find a replacement for the ratty old flouro.
Out with the old and in with the new!
Love your work.

I received my replacement LED awning lights today. Just perfect. Many thanks.
Regards, Trevor

Lights installed and look great! Thanks again! Gary

LED light testimonial - Robert C .png

Thanks for getting this sorted Glen,

You guys are just awesome, love the way you operate.

Cheers, Mick

LED light sale testimonials.png
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