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The KEDRON® TE7 TOPENDER® stands alone as Australia's only 6t ATM ADR certified caravan on the market with a Design Registered air-brake integrated airbag swing-arm KRS suspension.

The TE7 is personally CAD designed and customised to suit the new owner for the ultimate in comfort.

Features can include ZIP hot / chilled sparkling water, to wine coolers, heated genuine hide leather seating and towel racks, Bose sound system and the list goes on.

KEDRON 26ft' Full ensuite, heated club dinette with island queen bed pictured

The Design Registered integration of Air-Brakes into swing-arm suspension allows the ATM to raise above the 4.5t, with a greater payload for the larger US Pick-up truck towing capacity to have an ATM available up to 6t.

















  • Hot dipped galvanised chassis

  • Interlocked aluminium frame with high tensile solid punch pins

  • Welded aluminium frame roof frame

  • Australian made non-toxic premium 'Thermo Block' roof insulation

  •  Australian made non-toxic premium 'Dual Foil' wall insulation

  • Commercial grade sectional floor planks

Design Registratio - 6t KRS - KEDRON® Caravans Pty Ltd.jpg


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